Brown-Donkey Designs creates handmade, unique,  & creative art.  We currently design and create a variety of 3D metal art sculptures, metal art signs & mixed media canvas art.


All of our metal sculptures and metal signs start as a flat sheet of mild carbon steel. We design the art in pieces. That is, as one single piece or multiple pieces that get put together like a puzzle. The metal pieces are cut out and are ground down to smooth out the varied jagged edges. The 3D metal art sculptures are welded together to create a one piece, final construction. We have three different types of finishes we like to use to add to the individuality of the art. First, the metal can be left untreated. It will rust over time and create its own outcome. It will slowly turn a reddish to yellow and even brown, flaky coated look. Second, We can clear coat powder finish the metal piece. This look keeps the silvery color of the metal. It reserves that “just cut” look. Lastly, immediately after the piece(s) is cut and constructed, we will use a torch to evoke colors out of the silvery metal. It produces nice ripples of bronze, purples and blues. The piece is then clear coat powder painted to seal in the color.

Mixed Media Canvas Art

The canvas art is a fun way to alter one image into various outcomes of color, texture and fun. Each design starts as a hand drawing. The hand drawing is then painted with acrylic or water color paint. After the painting is complete and sometimes even within that process, the image will be captured as a picture. That picture is then uploaded as a photo to be manipulated with various photo effects like color, textures, lighting etc. to create the final piece. The final artwork is printed on gallery grade canvas.

Thanks for you interest in our art!